Our History in Brief

1875 – the firm "Union of Dancho and Stefan Draganovi" began production of smoking tobacco under the brand name "Slance" (Sun) in its small tobacco factory in Stara Zagora  


1918 - the firm "Association of Draganovi Brothers" was founded, and it was in business until the nationalization  


1948 – the business was continued after the nationalization by the state-owned enterprise "Tobacco industry - Cigarette Factory"  


1954 – the company was renamed to “Thrace” Cigarette Factory  


1967 - the construction of a fully new factory began  


1970 – the new “Slance” Tobacco Factory was opened, on a new site and equipped with modern machinery and technology for cigarette production, and became part of “Bulgartabac” Production Union  


1974 – the full production capacity was reached  


1986 – the factory was made part of “Bulgartabac” Industrial Union  


1993 – the unit within “Bulgartabac” Industrial Union were transformed into state-owned joint-stock companies and the company "Slance Stara Zagora – Bulgartabac” JSC was registered with a capital of BGN 535 682 000  


2007 - the name of the company was changed from "Slance Stara Zagora – Bulgartabac” JSC to "Slance Stara Zagora Tabac” JSC  


2008 - "Bulgartabac Holding" JSC terminated the Contract for Trademark License and shortly thereafter "Slance Stara Zagora Tabac” JSC ceases to be part of "Bulgartabac" Group  


2009 – following a series of transactions between various legal entities, the current state of share ownership among the capital holders of "Slance Stara Zagora Tabac" JSC was reached